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Volunteers enjoy successful work days at Beckwith

A heartfelt thank you to the many hands that helped with the first phase of the renovation of the 4-bedroom, 2 bath staff house at Beckwith last week. So much was accomplished during the three days of work and fellowship. The finish carpentry is completed on the back porch and it looks amazing. The indoor ceilings have been scraped, the carpet removed, and the entire house has been mudded, sanded, caulked, spackled and painted including ceilings, walls, doors and trim. Working alongside Michael, Daniel, and Chris from Beckwith these men lent a hand for some or all of the 3 days: Holy Cross Pensacola – Rob Dixon, Chuck Collins, Cecil Lanier, Neil Sidebotham and Brit Landrum Christ Church Pensacola – Dean Prestwood, Al Marretta, John Matthews, Ray Jones, Tom Linke, John Hendrix and Lee Wright St. Johns – Pensacola - Gordon Peacock St. James – Fairhope – Bob Keyser St. Paul's – Daphne – Jim Lonnergan There are three more major projects that we will be undertaking to finish this house. Later this month, we will be installing vinyl laminate or wood flooring throughout most of the house. In January, we will tackle the outside by replacing the fiber board siding and exterior window frames. This outdoor work is the biggest part of the renovation and we will certainly need some assistance if you are available. (Dates to be published soon) The third project is removing a least a dozen trees surrounding the house and completing some yard renovation. Much has been done on this project and there is much yet to do. Thanks again to all for your work to date and your consideration of helping in the future. Please contact to volunteer in this project.


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