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Hey, you! Yes, you! Happening is happening!


Happening is HAPPENING! And is happening real soon and I would love for you to attend.

Happening is a spiritual weekend for teenagers led by teenagers, meaning that everyone who is on staff now has been through their own Happening experience and are back to share what they have come to love. During this three day period, you will be surrounded by music, discussions, games, worship and great people who all share the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and each other. There are fun times mixed with reverent times making a weekend full of reflection in your relationship with Christ through discussion with your peers in family groups.

Happening is all what you make it out to be. Throughout the weekend, various youth and adult staff give key talks on faith in their everyday lives. Fellowship is strengthened along with the relationships built with each other and spiritually. No matter how you get here, who pushes you to go, or your current standings in your beliefs, Happening can be a great outlet for you to capture a new spiritual outlook. Personally speaking, I encourage you to give it a thought and take that leap of faith into what might seem like an out-of your-comfort-zone weekend and possibly let it turn into one of the best spiritual experiences you will ever have (like it was for me (especially the whole out of comfort zone thing-- but here I am!)). This weekend has allowed me to grow and develop my own spirituality and become the person I am today that wants to spread the unconditional love presented by Christ through Happening.

THE BEST IS YET TO COME & I hope you get the chance to see that (@Happening)!! :) MaryPratt Byrd Lay Rector, Happening #53


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