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Much work to prepare for Medical Mission to Batey Palave

Time is really flying by! It is October already and we are in full swing preparing for the upcoming Medical Mission to the Batey Palave. We have been in contact with Sr. Rafael, the leader of this village, and Dr. Flete, the primary doctor in the Dominican trying to help the people in the village. They have completed construction of a new clinic and it looks beautiful! They are so excited about our willingness to bring this mission to them and we are equally excited to have been given this opportunity to help God’s people.

We have been busy ordering supplies to stock the new Clinic and medications to treat the many diseases that are prevalent in this village. We have packed and shipped many boxes filled with a large assortment of supplies necessary for the operation of the Clinic. This has already taken many hours of planning, ordering, receiving and packing-much, much work! Not to mention the trips to Venice, Florida to ship via Agape Flight to the Dominican Republic. This is all a real team effort with several of us meeting to plan our purchases, Linda Heller, our pharmacist ordering, Angela Hope, our interpreter and educator calling Sr. Rafael and Dr. Flete seeking answers to our questions, Linda Heller’s trips to Venice, Florida, Karen Carroll facilitating delivery and pick up of the boxes, along with Bishop Holquin agreeing to receive the supplies. And we are just getting started!

As you can see, much work is involved in making this Mission a realty and we need many people to make it happen-lots of people are depending on us!! We need volunteers - Dr.’s, nurses and interpreters-people of action, people who are willing to really extend themselves and do God’s work. We need donations to help with the expenses of the supplies and medications- “many hands and hearts, make light work”.

We are sponsoring a fundraising breakfast at St. Simon’s on The Sound in Fort Walton Beach on Sunday, November 13, 2017 at 9:00am. Please join us and if unable to do so, then please pray for our success. We are also planning a “Tasting and Cheese” event January 13, 2017. More information on this event will be forthcoming.

Please enjoy this glorious Fall and offer thanks to God, for he is truly wonderful!


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