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Small craft idea becomes Glass Recycling Day at St. Christopher’s

While attending a women’s retreat, Judi Patrick and others noticed how many glass containers were left after the retreat’s activities. These bottles were going straight to the landfill. Judi decided to use some of them to create crafts, especially the wine bottles. “I started looking for craft projects with wine bottles. They were easy and could have been used to sell to help charities. At least that would keep the wine bottles out of a landfill!” said Judi. “But then things changed course.”

Judi recalled that a nonprofit in Santa Rosa County had won a grant to purchase a glass pulverizing machine. The machine actually turned glass into mulch. She contacted Kevin Smith at Santa Rosa Clean and told him of her idea. Kevin agreed to recycle the glass into mulch, and the St. Christopher’s Glass Recycling Day was born.

Judi and others at St. Christopher’s are passionate about keeping this glass out of landfills. Please join them in caring for the Earth by repurposing glass. Bring your clean glass to St. Christopher's lawn on Wednesday, June 22, from 7:00 am to 11:00 am.

Judi Patrick is willing to share the story of how St. Christopher’s Glass Recycling Day came to me. Contact her at or 850-417-2443. For more information on the glass crushing machine, contact Kevin Smith at Santa Rosa Clean at 850-417-4622.


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