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The Congregational Enrichment Venture (CEV) offers a two year training program for churches to explore new and creative ways to further the Kingdom of God, not merely to survive but to be a vital and viable congregation. 

The theme of the first year is Hopeful Leadership. During our sessions, we will explore answers to questions such as: What kind of qualities, interactions and relationships create and sustain healthy churches?  What type of leadership advances, rather than impedes, the mission of the church in the local congregation?  How do we address change and conflict?  What are the hidden dynamics that might frustrate the life of a church?


The second year’s theme is Purposeful Apostleship. We will explore ways by which your congregation can more fully engage in your mission within and beyond your walls. With the input of the participating churches, we will discuss the practical aspects of mission including stewardship, evangelism, outreach and discipleship.

The CEV training program has concluded. The next step is Excellance in Leadership training. 

Who to Contact: 

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Shepard

Discipleship. Development. Discernment.
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