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What is Discipleship Day?

Discipleship Day is a day of workshops designed to equip and inspire you for ministry inside and outside your church. First held in 2016, but put on pause during the pandemic. Now it's back!

Everyone is invited to attend. We recommend sending a team of folks from your church to participate in each of the workshops to get the full benefit of our presenters' expertise. Each person will have the opportunity to attend two workshops.



The Rev. Steven Tomlinson

The Rev. Steven Tomlinson, Ph.D., deacon, coaches Wall Street, Fortune 500 and high-tech startup executives and managers. He is the Associate Professor of Leadership and Administration at Seminary of the Southwest and a Founding Master Teacher at the Acton School of Business for Entrepreneurship. He taught economics and finance at The University of Texas at Austin where he designed and directed the MBA professional development program. He also writes plays and has performed his award-winning solo shows in Austin and off-Broadway.


Steven Tomlinson.png



Creation Care is Discipleship in Action

In this 45-minute session, we will explore options for churches that want to protect God's creation, both as a community and as individuals. Learn and share about forming green teams, using our church buildings and grounds to better protect the environment, and taking action to promote climate justice for all our neighbors.


Lella Lowe

Church of the Redeemer, Mobile

Lella Lowe.jpg

Developing a Local Ministry That Responds to Your Community Needs

This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn how one church came to recognize and build a response to the needs of its neighbors.  Come hear how St. Francis Gulf Breeze developed and continues to nurture vibrant ministry through the work of its senior community center.   We will follow their journey of developing the program and hear about its current work. You are sure to leave inspired and equipped to explore new ways of loving your community!


Kim Giryluk

St. Francis of Assisi, Gulf Breeze

The Rev. Lydia Johnson

Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast

Church of the Redeemer, Mobile

Hospitality When It’s Hard: Overcoming Fear and Stigma Under the Steeple

Hospitality is about more than food — it’s how we treat each other every day and in all circumstances. Join us as we dig deeply into the best practices of caring for and being in ministry with all of God’s children.


Anita Ford

St. Christopher's, Pensacola

Sue Rollins

Church of the Redeemer, Mobile

Forming Disciples for Small to Large Congregations 

Forming Disciples for small to large congregations will explore what it means to be a disciple and a learner, and how we grow and are formed through the course of our discipleship journey.  We will talk about how to form and nurture small groups within any parish setting or size and offer a variety of techniques and resources to assist you in building formation programs as part of your parish life.  Finally, we will discuss how to consider the soul of your congregation and create Christian formation programs that nurture that soul but also provide opportunities to stretch and grow your congregation throughout their spiritual journey.  


Joe Taylor

St. Christopher's, Pensacola

Invite Welcome Connect

Come learn more about an innovative ministry that calls us to reflect deeply and act intentionally on our ministry of presence in our neighborhoods, cities, and communities.

"Invite Welcome Connect is a ministry of transformation that equips and empowers individuals and congregations to cultivate intentional practices of evangelism, hospitality, and belonging. Rooted in the Gospel directive to “Go and make disciples of all nations” this ministry provides a practical theological framework and comprehensive process for engaging communities of faith to move from a maintenance culture to a gospel-driven mission culture."


The Rev. Mary Alice Mathison

Missioner for Mobile

St. Luke's, Mobile

Stewardship: Reframing Church Business

How can we have better conversations around money and finances at church? The way we think about money and administration depends on how we’re preaching on the topic. And, the conversations we have depend on the questions we are asking and teaching people to ask. This session focuses on how church leaders can help their people congregation reframe “church business” as an opportunity for Christian witness and formation.


The Rev. Steven Tomlinson

Seminary of the Southwest

register by October 24



St. Jude's Episcopal Church

200 Partin Dr

Niceville, Florida

Discipleship. Development. Discernment.
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